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  Where to from Here?

Tuesday ~ 25 March


9:00   On Keeping Supercomputing and HPC Vibrant and Enticing for the Next Generation - Dr. Stephen R. Wheat – Intel Corporation
10:00   Plans and Programs for the Future  Dr. Happy Sithole -  Director, Center for HPC, Cape Town, South Africa
10:30   Morning Break
11:00   HPC in Energy Exploration -  Keith Gray, Dir. of Visualization, British Petroleum
11:30   Extreme Computing Dr. Thomas Sterling  -  Indiana University
12:00   Are Supercomputers Returning to Investment Banking?Dr. Alistair Dunlop – Director of HPC Strategy, JPMorgan Bank
12:30   Lunch
2:00   Challenges in Pharma Space InformationJohn Morris - Pfizer
2:30   Interactively Visualizing Science at ScaleGreg Abram, Dir. of Visualization, TACC, University of Texas, Austin
3:00   The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center  - John Goodhue, Exec. Dir., Massachusetts Green HPC Center
3:30   Afternoon Break
4:00   Duds: Probing the Mystery of Subluminous Thermonuclear-Powered Supernovae Through Large-Scale SimulationsDr. Donald Q. Lamb – University of Chicago
4:30   Supercomputing – What Does the Future Hold: A Panel Discussion
Addison Snell (Moderator), CEO, Intersect360 Research
Bradford Spiers - Banking – Bank of America
John Morris
– Data Management – Pfizer
Dr. Donald Lamb – Science – University of Chicago
Dr. Glenn Ricart - Networks – US-Ignite
Dr. Kelly Gaither - Computing – TACC, UT Austin
Andrew Jones
– Software – NAG, UK
6:00   Networking Reception, Exhibit Area


Wednesday ~ 26 March

9:00   Upcoming Changes and Technology That May Influence SupercomputingDr. Eng Lim Goh - CTO and Senior Vice President, SGI
9:45   HPC Marketplace Trends - Addison Snell - Intersect360 Research
10:30   Morning Break
11:00   Next Generation Networks - Dr. Glen Ricart, US-Ignite
11:30   From Sequoia to SierraTerry Quinn – LLNL
12:00   Altair’s PBS Works with Linux Cgroups - Michael Costantino- City University of New York – Altair
12:30   Lunch
2:00   Real-time Thunderstorm and Tropical Storm Prediction: Status and HPC Requirements - Dr. Keith BrewsterAssociate Director – OU Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms, Oklahoma University
2:30   HPC’s Role in Weather Forecasting - Henry Neeman- Director – Supercomputing Center for Education and Research, Oklahoma University
3:00   Scale & Scope – the New Security Battleground - Kevin Reardon – Office of the CTO, McAfee Security
3:30   Afternoon Break
4:00   The Biggest Challenge to HPC Providers:  A Vendor Panel Discussion - Dr. Thomas Sterling – (Moderator) – Indiana University
Dr. Stephen R. Wheat - Intel
Dr. Eng Lim Goh – SGI
Devin Jensen – Altair
Scott Misage - HP
7:00   Reception and Dinner  -  Marble House


Thursday 27 March

8:00   Wrap-Up Breakfast
9:00   Visualization and Post-Processing of Large Scale Engineering Applications - Dr. Earl P. N. Duque, Manager of the Applied Research Group, Intelligent Light
9:30   Trends in Energy-Efficient Computing: A Perspective from the Green500  -  Dr. Wu Feng - Green Computing, Virginia Tech
10:00   Crossfire Panel - Addison Snell – Moderator
Dr. Kelly Gaither - TACC, UT, Austin, Texas
Henry Neeman – OU, Supercomputing Center
Dr. Wu Feng – Virginia Tech
Dr. Happy Sithole - Director, Center for HPC
11:00   Conference Close